In order to do business in a considerate, efficient and professional manner, the studio will operate according to this policy.  Please familiarize yourself and every member of your group with our studio recording rules so as to avoid any issues during your time at the studio.


1. A 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required to book studio recording sessions.

2. Multi-track recording requires a minimum of four (4) hours booked.

3. In order to cancel without penalties, we require a 48-hour cancellation notice. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. Cash or Credit Cards accepted. We DO NOT accept AMEX or DISCOVER credit cards.

5. Recording rates are subject to change without notice.

6. No alcoholic beverage or drugs allowed on the studio premises at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS!

7. Our recording clients are required to purchase a back-up DVD copy of the session once completed OR to have a Pro Tools certified hard drive available to archive the session. It is NOT our responsibility to store recording sessions.

8. Only those people that are involved with the recording/production process are allowed on the studio premises during recording. *OUTSIDE DISTRACTIONS CAUSE A LOSS IN TIME AND MONEY TO BOTH THE MUSICIAN AND THE STUDIO.

9. We do NOT allow individuals that are NOT involved with the actual recording to be in the studio. This includes but is NOT limited to: friends, fans, girlfriends, boyfriends etc. unless they are deemed (by the studio engineer) as an important part of the recording. Prior permission must be obtained prior to recording appointment.

10. Children under 13 years of age or younger ARE NOT allowed in the studio or on our premises unless they are a member of the band recording. Our facility is NOT a child safe environment and our studio staff are not properly equipped to supervise children. We do NOT provide child-sitting services. NO EXCEPTIONS!

11. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD ALLOWED IN THE RECORDING CONTROL ROOM. All food should be kept and eaten in the studio break area only!

12. Beverages are NOT ALLOWED on or near the recording control board. NO EXCEPTIONS!

13. All beverages in the studio MUST HAVE lids or caps before bringing into any of the studio rooms. If a spill should occur while you are in the studio – PLEASE ADVISE THE FRONT DESK SO SPILLS CAN BE TAKEN CARE OF IN A TIMELY FASHION.

14. Payments are due at the end of each session for the current session.



Frequently Asked Questions: “Recording”


QUESTION:   Does AARIUS Studios offer recording?

As it says right under the Ying and the Yang, we are a rehearsal and recording studio.

QUESTION:   What kind of recording does AARIUS have available?

AARIUS offers three specific types of recording.

  • Our most basic and inexpensive form of recording is a room recording. For a small fee (plus the cost of the rehearsal) our studio techs will set up two condenser microphones in your rehearsal room. This is a very basic recording and we recommend it for those who just want to hear how they sound, or if you have a song you want to prepare some small pre-production for.

We also offer two forms of multi-track recording: Live “Single Take” Recording and Full Production Recording.

  • Live Recording is done just as the title states: a single take. There is no overdubbing or isolation, and there is not a “full blown” mix process. How it sounds when it’s tracked is most likely the finished product. However, it is slightly less monetary than Full Production Recording, and the quality as far as sound goes is excellent. This is recommended for those not accustomed to a studio environment, those who perform better as a whole band, or to those who want a simple, quick high-quality demo. Your booked time must also account for the “bouncing process” (see below) if you want a CD before you leave.


  • Full Production Recording is also pretty self-explanatory. There is opportunity for overdubs, and isolating equipment we use will most likely be set-up before you arrive. This is recommended for those with some recording history, those who want to experience a professional recording session, or if you just want the highest quality product that we can offer. Your booked time must also account for the mixing process as well as the bouncing process if you want a CD before you leave.

QUESTION:   How much time should I book?

That depends on what you’re doing. Our minimum booking for live multi-track is two (2) hours and for Full Production is four (4) hours. But depending on what kind of project you do and how well you know your songs, you might need a little more. If you’ve got the cash to spend, you can spend a few days to track, mix, and master ONE SONG! But if you’re not Axl Rose, we recommend you know your songs well to minimize the amount of time you need to track. Make an educated guess on how much time you’re going to need, and we can help with that decision if we know how many songs and how much orchestration you’re going to do.

QUESTION:   Well, I’ve got about 30 songs I want to do, so I figure I can hammer it out in about and hour and a half…

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down there buckaroo. A common misconception in recording for artists who aren’t familiar with the process is that you can play your set straight through and that amount of time should be all you need. What they don’t take into account is the engineer setting up additional equipment if the artist requests it, the process of getting “sounds” for each individual instrument (which can take up to an hour at times), band members unhappy with their performance during/after a take, or any other possible miscues like a broken string or dropped drumstick. Once you get going, you may as well take the time to dedicate yourselves to possibly having a fewer amount of good quality performances than to rush through a lot of sloppy ones.

QUESTION:   Okay, so how much is this gonna cost me?

Please call us directly for rates. Rates will change from time to time, but the variances are not very drastic. Rates are non-negotiable, but we can work with you to find the style that best suits your financial needs.

QUESTION:   What is the “bouncing process”?

In order for us to create a song file directly from a mix; we have to convert all the sound files into a single mix file. The conversion process is referred to as “bouncing”. The result is a music file for you to take home. Bouncing is done in real time, so you have to take into account the amount of time in total that your recordings will take to bounce when you book your studio time. For example, if you book for 5 hours and have an hour of material that you will record, by the middle of the fourth hour you might want to stop to have all your songs bounced if you don’t want to pay for any extra time.

QUESTION:   What type of music does the studio specialize in?

Genres of music that we record: Rock, Pop, Blues, Surf, Rockabilly, Metal, Punk, Emo, Hardcore, Indie, Metal, Alternative, Industrial, Instrumental, Ska, Jazz, Reggae, Spoken Word, Folk, and many more variations of music.

Another service we provide to all types of music: we can arrange for outside professional session players to come in on your project if necessary. The session musicians get paid independently of the studio, prices vary depending on the musician’s rates.

QUESTION:   Do you provide studio tours?

 Yes, we encourage it! Just give us a call and we can set up an appointment for you to visit us.

QUESTION:   I’m/my daughter/brother/cousin/friend is a great artist. How do I help get them into the music business and make gazillions of dollars?

This one comes up a lot, although we’re not sure why. Hey, if we knew how to make gazillions of dollars we’d do it. We are all musicians too, ya know. However, we are a recording and rehearsal studio and we (currently) do not offer any sort of Production Company or Management contacts. The best advice we can give you is this: be very active in the local music scene (from working at Guitar Center to supporting, playing, organizing, and/or helping at local shows), get a decent demo recording and electronic press kit (EPK), and practice, practice, practice.