Whether you are doing your first demo or working on your next hit album, AARIUS Studios is the perfect recording studio for any musician!

We offer digital recording with our ProTools HD3 technology for the highest quality audio and editing. Our clients also have access to a professional, experienced staff to help them achieve their maximum recording potential.

We feature a big “Live Room” with a high ceiling which includes professionally designed acoustics to satisfy the current demands of the music community. We provide instruments, recording tools and session musicians (upon request) to bring your work to life. You can even experiment by including practically all of our equipment in the basic studio rate. Perhaps most importantly; we make sure that all of our gear stays in top condition.

We also encourage you to bring your multi-track projects here to mix and re-mix. We also accommodate dumping sessions to ProTools for working on “at home projects” such as: track drums, crazy remixes, vocals etc.

We provide an affordable value for recording services where you can make great music in a totally relaxed atmosphere. The aim of AARIUS Studios is to create high quality digital recordings at any level of development so that everyone leaves with superb quality recordings.

It doesn’t matter if you have a budget in the tens, hundreds, or thousands; we support and appreciate all projects. At AARIUS Studios, we believe all musicians, even those on a budget, should be able to employ a professional, quality studio to showcase their work and talents.

We welcome and encourage you to call us to arrange for a personal recording consultation.