Our Commitment is to Meet Your Needs

We believe in quality of service and our efficient and helpful studio crew is always on hand to assist.

Pat, studio tech, assistant engineer, musician and cybernetic organism, enjoys beers darker than the night sky and shredding through feet of powder.

Pat is a fan of hard work, determination and sarcasm. Pat brings these traits to the table in a manner that isn’t always for the faint of heart. Called the “Pitbull” by the studio crew, Pat’s face is the first you’ll see if he sees your feet up on the couch or infringing on any of the other studio policies!

Joining the Aarius crew after completing work for his Bachelor’s degree, Pat can usually be found in a dark room, often enthralled in a project involving one of the many bands in the area.

With many years of experience playing in bands, Pat understands the trials that bands must face. This perspective allows for swift befriending of new bands that come to use the studio’s facilities, giving the band a smooth and welcoming transition to a new environment.

What you would be surprised to know about Pat is that he listens to all music from heavy metal to acoustic to jazz. He also has an avid interest in bowling, golf, and tennis.

Cigar, studio tech, assistant engineer, musician and International Man of Mystery, loves exquisite, rare beers and loose women who don’t mind having to pay for his dinner and sleeping on his floor.

The unequivocal answer to the growing french fried potato surplus, Cigar spends most of his days (and some early mornings) at his helm, trying to avoid strenuous work by pawning it off on his underling interns. When they cannot be found, he often trudges through the mire of labor in the audio world, getting through by listening to any music he can get his grubby hands on.

Cigar owns over 2,000 compact discs, tapes, & vinyl records of all different forms of music, many of which he will never have time to listen to.

What you would be surprised to know about Cigar is that he usually needs to be restrained when discussing sports or politics, but is usually pretty reserved apart from his perpetual swearing. He is also extremely accomplished at MarioKart 64!