Joe Cattano

Audio Engineer & Pro Tools Certified

Joe’s love of music began back in Staten Island when at a young age; he began to play on pots and pans. Eventually, he started taking drum lessons from his Uncle (Ben Cattano) who was a New York based drummer/band leader.

Joe’s professional music career finally became a reality when he started playing with area original bands in the late 80′s and early 90′s. He played in bands such as LACEY PAGE, RITUAL, MAKARA and FROST BITE. As a member of FROST BITE, Joe was fully endorsed by Main Line Entertainment (MLE) drumsticks.

While playing in these bands, Joe was also instrumental in the production of all the demo’s and releases for these bands as well as attending the Institute of Audio Research (IAR) in Manhattan to become a Studio Engineer.

After the demise of FROST BITE in the late 90’s, Joe started playing with local cover bands – playing the “Jersey Shore” circuit. During this time, he noticed a need for a higher quality setting to rehearse. Very few (if any) studios in the area, offered a realistic set up to the musician. Joe wanted to give to the rehearsing musician a sense of being on stage, to have a place where the musician can experience a true professional performance, which includes a drum riser, stage, stage lighting and a full backline and PA system.

Upon a recommendation from a friend he contacted Rick Rivera the GC Pro Account Manager at the East Brunswick Guitar Center where he presented the “Dream List” of gear needed for the studio. GC Pro is the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of our users in the industry. It’s clientele includes recording studios, audio engineers, producers, recording and touring musicians, live sound venues, post production facilities, house of worship and more. Rick joined Guitar Center in 1998 and has been part of Guitar Center’s Pro division GC Pro for the past 10 years. After many meetings together the two came up with the perfect combination of musical equipment to give the amateur as well as the professional the sound for a great rehearsal.  Rick was able to set up each studio with Pro lighting, PA systems consisting of Turbo Sound or JBL Speakers, Crown Amps, Allen Heath or Soundcraft console. Backlines consisting of Tama drums, Marshall, B52 and Ampeg amps. Included in all of this was a state of the art full HD3 Protools rig and Control24 console for the best in digital recording!

Rick did not stop there; he also put Joe in touch with industry professionals to help design and build special wiring gear specific for the studio along with pros to tune the studios once they were built. Rick was invaluable to the early success of the studio, spending long evenings setting up lights, amps, PA systems and drum kits to beat the deadline to open the doors in late summer of 2006!

The relationship is still strong till this day with both friends recommending each other’s musical services to the local as well as National musician.

Since opening AARIUS Studios in August 2006, Joe had the opportunity to be the drummer and founding member of the 80’s tribute band “Smell the Glove” along with sitting in as a replacement drummer for a few shows with Chris Caffery (Savatage / Trans Siberian Orchestra) on his solo project.

As head engineer at AARIUS Studios, Joe has put hundreds of bands under their collective belt for recordings, from demos to full-length releases. With every passing day, the studio gains a well-deserved reputation for quality recordings and a professional relationship with the bands.

While staying a viable part of the music scene, Joe is secure in the fact that AARIUS Studios got it right when designing this state of the art studio for the professional musician.

On any given day you can find Joe at the studio in a “hands-on” management role with day-to-day studio activities as well as making sure all of the equipment is kept in top notch shape. Joe would love to see the New Jersey music scene (as well as the whole tri-state area) come back to the way it was back when he was in the trenches playing clubs trying to get that big record deal. Back to a time where on any given day you could play in a club in front of a decent crowd or see an extremely talented band play in a local club. Although it has been said that Joe looks like a long-haired metal freak, he can appreciate and enjoy many different music genres such as jazz, big band, R&B and the blues.

What you would be surprised to know about Joe is that there is no type of music that turns him off as long as it is created and played with integrity and talent. Joe is also a fan of the “Family Guy” show; he will sit for hours watching TV then wonder why he has no time to practice the drums.

Crystal Cattano

“The Brains Behind the Business”

Crystal, studio owner and creator of the studio’s self-produced reality series: PROJECT: American Studio has twenty years experience in Business, Management and Human Resources and is never satisfied with the status quo. What you see is what you get — a true visionary that is not derailed by trials, tribulations or drama.

She has been known to become bored easily and tends to be restless; thus succumbing to useless infomercials. She represents a Mutable Fire sign who adapts to new situations and environments with energetic flexibility.

Despite all her years working in the big city corporate world, she remains down-to-earth and charming – depending on what day of the week you catch her. You can also catch Crystal with her camera gear at local shows/events and DISTURBED concerts, trying to capture that “Rolling Stone” cover of the year!

What you’d be surprised to know about Crystal is that she is motivated by inspiration and aspiration but REFUSES to wear white shoes before Memorial Day and after Labor Day – IT’S JUST NOT SOUTHERN!

it’s not about the music business; it’s about the business of music”