• Our acoustically designed studios are fully equipped with the finest professional equipment.
  • We believe in quality of sound in each of our rehearsal studio rooms.
  • All of our rooms are climate controlled with ample seating kept meticulously clean.
  • We have taken it a step further with full stage lighting.
  • You will sound incredible! As a result, your rehearsals will be powerful and productive.
P:AS Reality TV Sizzle

Studio Reality TV Sizzle Reel

P:AS 2013 Sizzle Reel

PROJECT: American Studio 2013 [Sizzle Reel] – What can possibly happen when an opportunity of a lifetime is given to musicians for a shot at the “rock stardom” dream?

Watch as the experts guide these bands and see how the bands handle their transformations and that “real chance” of becoming rock stars…

PROJECT: American Studio

Studio Reality TV DEMO


PROJECT: American Studio is back in 2013 with a completely new concept: a “Dream Team” of professionals working with a local band looking for professional direction.

This release focuses on just how difficult it is to make a larger-than-life living in the music industry as musicians as well as…[read more]